The Beagliest Female K-Pop Idols Of Them All

Recently, we put together a list of some of the beagliest male K-pop idols out there. Now it’s the ladies’ turn: Who are some of the noisiest, goofiest, most hyper female idols? Read on to find out! (And remember, the list is in no particular order – beagle is truly in the eye of the beholder!)

TWICE’s Jihyo

TWICE has been slaying the music charts ever since their debut, but their sassy and adorable leader Jihyo also looks like she could join the ranks of the K-pop beagle queens! Her bright energy and smile are infectious, and she’s not afraid to goof around on camera!

Ailee might be the Beyoncé of K-pop, but this diva is also a beagle at heart! Just take a look at her Instagram and you’ll see tons of videos and pictures of her goofing off with her friends, or just silly selfies with funny facial expressions and animated filters. Beagle on, Queen Ailee!

f(x)’s Amber

Speaking of Ailee, she’s BFFs with another beagle-dol: Amber of f(x)! Amber is a social beagle with many friends in the entertainment industry. With her outgoing personality and humorous beagle-y charm, it’s no wonder that everyone wants to be her friend!

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation is known for her killer dance moves, but her fellow members have also called her their “mood maker” and funniest member! Just look at this cute GIF of her with fellow SM beagle Chanyeol!

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri

Hyeri of Girl’s Day is starting to make a name for herself as an actress, but longtime DAI5Ys know that she has always been a cute and hilarious beagle!

Forever and always one of the best GIFs of Hyeri.

EXID’s Hani

Another female idol who shines in the TV spotlight is Hani of EXID. She isn’t one of the reigning queens of Korean reality TV for nothing – she’s always full of energy and silly antics, and she never fails to charm everyone around her!

A Pink’s Bomi

Whether she’s running around gorilla-style, making everyone crack up with her freestyle raps, or pulling the best derp faces you’ll ever see, A Pink’s Bomi is undeniably beagle-y. Even A Pink’s manager acknowledges one of her beagle abilities – she doesn’t stop talking!

MAMAMOO… all of them

I know this is a cop-out, but y’all, I couldn’t pick. All four of them are just so. dang. BEAGLE-Y. I’m pretty sure that if you look up the word “beagle” in the dictionary, a group shot of MAMAMOO will be there. ALL HAIL THE BEAGLE QUEENS.

Soompiers, who is your favorite female beagle-dol?

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