U-KISS Celebrates 8th Debut Anniversary!

It’s U-KISS’s eighth birthday!

After first being active in Japan, U-KISS made their debut in Korea on August 28 of 2008 under NH Media. They released their first mini album “New Generation” in September of that year, and have gone on to release three full Korean albums, as well as eleven Korean mini albums! Their most recent release was the mini album “Stalker,” which was put out in June of this year.

On August 28 after midnight KST, the group’s official Twitter account posted, “August 28, 2016. Congratulations on U-KISS’s eighth debut anniversary!! U-KISS and KISSme, let’s keep going until our 80th anniversary.”

Members Kevin and Kiseop have both retweeted the tweet, and Kiseop added, “KISSme, thank you and I love you.”

He later tweeted, “Our eighth anniversary since debut… I love you hyung… and members… let’s keep going forever. I love you a lot too, KISSme.” However, he’s been struggling to get his linked Instagram post to stay up, and has been tweeting about how it keeps getting deleted (going from confusion to irritation to just laughter). We’ll update this article once he wins this battle!

Kevin also tweeted to say, “Thank you KISSme for everything! We love you~ always and forever.”

Happy anniversary, U-KISS!

Update: After about an hour of struggling, Kiseop has won his battle with Instagram (kind of!) by uploading a different photo that isn’t causing the malfunction he was experiencing before. On Twitter, he expressed his confusion over why this photo would work and not the others, and then announced he was headed to bed, adding “8th anniversary… th-thank you… I-I love you…”.