Kim Woo Bin Reveals Why He’s Only Been Working Out At Home

On the August 27 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly,” “Uncontrollably Fond” star Kim Woo Bin sits down for an interview.

During the interview, Kim Woo Bin is asked about how he maintains his figure, and he replies, “Even now I’m on the skinny side, but in the past I was even skinner. I don’t know if my metabolism has changed but now if I eat, I gain weight. I believe in exercising a lot while eating everything you want to eat.”

Kim Woo Bin 2

When asked to chose between his abs and his shoulders, Kim Woo Bin says “shoulders” without hesitation. “Even when I go to the gym to exercise, people only look at my shoulders. It’s burdensome so I’m working out at home right now,” he reveals.

Meanwhile, you can catch Kim Woo Bin (and his shoulders) in the latest episode of “Uncontrollably Fond” on Viki below!

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