Watch: G-Dragon, Lee Je Hoon, And More Wow The “Infinite Challenge” Cast With Cameos In Special

On August 27’s episode of “Infinite Challenge,” the members are joined by some top stars as they film their action blockbuster special “Muhan Company”!

The special is being directed by Jang Hang Joon, the director of films such as “Break Out,” and is written by “Signal” writer Kim Eun Hee. After sixty days of preparation, they are finally ready to film the special in this episode.

The show recruited plenty of great stars for cameos, including BIGBANG’s G-Dragon (a longtime friend of the show), “Signal” actors Lee Je Hoon and Kim Hye Soo, and many more.

The “Infinite Challenge” members and director Jang Hang Joon are thrilled to be working with Lee Je Hoon, whose first filming is a shot of him walking down a hall. The talented actor pulls it off in one take, and everyone is amazed by how charismatic he seems as he walks. Naturally, Jung Joon Ha and Haha have to give it a shot themselves, trying to look as cool as Lee Je Hoon did while strolling through the office while holding a walkie-talkie like Lee Je Hoon’s character in “Signal.”

infinite challenge 1

When G-Dragon arrives on set for his filming, he reveals how nervous he is. “It’s an honor but I’m not sure what to do…” he says with a laugh. Director Jang Hang Joon assures him that no one on set will mind if he makes a mistake because everyone is a fan of his. “That just makes the pressure worse!” laughs G-Dragon, and the director jokes that his wife and daughter will be coming later and he’d love it if G-Dragon would take a photo with them. G-Dragon says he will, bending over laughing.

g-dragon 4

After filming a scene, G-Dragon laughs and says, “I said I’d do it because I’m a fan of ‘Infinite Challenge’… Since they cast me, I assumed that there would be other singers or comedians in this, and then I found out that Kim Hye Soo is in it. I don’t know why I’ve been included in this. Also my part is so big! I think this is going to become an embarrassing story about me.”

g-dragon 1

Later on, he sits down with Haha and tells him that he’s always turned down roles in films and dramas because he hates watching himself act. Despite that, he does a great job on camera and gets plenty of compliments from the director and cast.

Other stars who were recruited for cameos in this special include Jun Mi Sun, Shin Dong Mi, Ahn Mi Na, Kim Won Hae, Jun Suk Ho, Son Jong Hak, Kim Hee Won, and more.

Watch the episode below!

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