Watch: BTS Shares Reaction To Stumbling Upon Jungkook’s Birthday Gift From Fans

BTS chanced upon a birthday gift from fans for maknae Jungkook!

On August 27, the guys shared a video to their official Twitter account from when they were driving along and saw a bus decorated by fans to celebrate Jungkook’s birthday. The caption, which seems to have been written by J-Hope, reads “Wait, what is this!!!!!!!! While we were driving by!!!!!!!”. He then includes the hashtags, “Jeon Bbeo” (a mashup of Jungkook’s last name and “bus”) and “Happy happy birthday soon.”

In the video, J-Hope films the bus driving by and shouts excitedly, “It’s a Jungkook bus!” over and over, panning over to Jungkook inside their van, who’s shyly laughing in the back seat. Jimin can also be seen capturing the bus on his phone as he sits next to J-Hope.

Jungkook’s birthday is coming up on September 1, and it’s common for fans to pay for advertising space on buses, in subways, or on billboards to celebrate the birthdays of their favorite celebrities as special gifts and to show their love.

Happy early birthday, Jungkook!