GFRIEND Talks About First Impressions Of “Navillera” And Intense Choreography

GFRIEND recently sat down for an interview and got a chance to look back on their promotions for “Navillera.”

The GFRIEND members shared their first impressions on the song, and compared it to their first impression of “Rough.” “Honestly, it was the same impression. But with ‘Rough,’ the more we heard it, the more we started to like it. However, we didn’t really think ‘Navillera’ was good when we first heard it, and the opinion continued even after hearing it again. Because of that, we made a comeback with a worried mindset. We didn’t even dream of getting this kind of response from the public. I’m really thinking about whether or not I should change my ears,” said Sowon laughing.

When asked about their intense choreography and if they found it burdensome, Yerin responded, “It’s true that as we continue to take in the choreography, it gets harder. But all the members agree that if there was a resting section in the dance, it would feel empty. Even before our dance teacher suggests something, we suggest a more intense choreography. I don’t think we can go back. We want to continue to do intense choreography for as long as we can.”

GFRIEND recently finished their promotions for their comeback song, “Navillera.”

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