Kim Jin Kyung Shares Her First Impression Of Kim Heechul

Model Kim Jin Kyung was surprised when she first met Super Junior member Kim Heechul!

Kim Jin Kyung appears on the August 27 episode of “Ask Us Anything” as a guest, and quizzes the cast to see if they can guess what she thought when she first met Kim Heechul. The guys first tease Kim Heechul over the fact that they’ve met outside of the television show, but Kim Heechul explains that he met up with her once to ask her to appear in his music video. Kim Jin Kyung starred in the music video for “Narcissus,” a collaboration by Kim Heechul, Kim Jungmo, and MAMAMOO’s Wheein.

Kim Young Chul guesses that Kim Jin Kyung might have thought, “What does this guy do?”. Kim Heechul guesses with a smile, “I want to have him,” which makes Kim Jin Kyung laugh.

The guys keep throwing out guesses like “Is he crazy?”, “How could he be a celebrity?”, “Do celebrities walk around looking like that?”.

Kim Jin Kyung encourages them that they’re close but not quite correct. Eventually she reveals that she thought, “Has he always been like this?”

Kim Heechul explains, “I was wearing red flower-print pants, slippers, and I hadn’t showered.” Kim Jin Kyung says that she went to meet him expecting someone who looked like an idol but, “He seemed like an older girl who lived next door. So I wondered, ‘Has he always been like that?'”

“Being on ‘Ask Us Anything’ has made me like this,” jokes Kim Heechul. The pair then make plans to get dinner together soon.

Meanwhile, Kim Jin Kyung is currently starring on “We Got Married” as a virtual couple with MADTOWN’s Jota.