BTS’s Rap Monster Shows His Support And Aegyo As Co-Producer For Homme’s New Single

BTS leader Rap Monster is cheering on his label mates Homme for their upcoming single “Dilemma,” which he co-wrote and co-produced!

On August 28, Big Hit Entertainment shared photos via Homme’s official Twitter of Rap Monster and Homme’s Lee Hyun and Lee Changmin, in which they’re holding up album covers for “Dilemma.” The set includes Rap Monster showing off his aegyo as his sunbaes try to look cool and serious.

The caption reads, “Rap Monster, who came to visit to cheer on his Homme hyungs! Please look forward to the synergy between the Homme hyungs and Rap Monster, who participated as a producer of ‘Dilemma,’ which will be out on August 30 at midnight.”

rap monster homme 2 rap monster homme 1

Rap Monster co-wrote and co-produced the track “Dilemma” for Homme along with Big Hit founder Bang Shi Hyuk. Are you looking forward to hearing this new track?