Park So Dam Shares Her Rough Beginnings As An Actress, Names Her Role Model

Actress Park So Dam shares the story behind her acting career during the August 27 “The Medici 2016” event at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

She says, “When I was in high school, I went to see the musical ‘Grease’ and thought the artists looked so happy, singing and sweating as they ran around the stage. That’s when I decided what I wanted to do. I thought, ‘I want a life as fun and happy as theirs,’ and began dreaming of acting.”

Park So Dam recounts her difficult journey to becoming an actress and shares, “When I was starting out, for two and a half years I went to nearly every audition a rookie actor could go to. In almost a month I auditioned for 17 projects. I was rejected every time, so that really brought me down. I was pondering a lot on what it was that I was good at, so instead of choosing my projects, I often ended up doing things here and there.”

When asked by the audience who her role model is, the actress responds, “It’s Kim Hye Soo sunbae. I have tremendous respect for her. I think it’s so cool that her acting experience covers such a wide spectrum, and I want to be like that.”

Finally, she shares her thoughts on the event’s slogan, “Nothing is true,” and says, “Truth for me is enjoying whatever I do. My goal and purpose is to live an enjoyable life. I’m always enjoying what I do because if I’m not having fun, viewers won’t either.”

“The Medici 2016,” named after the prominent Medici family of the Italian Renaissance, is a culture and arts program where experts and beginners of various fields gather and share their insights with one another to allow a new Renaissance to flourish.

With the slogan of “Nothing is true,” this year’s event featured a wide range of artists and creators, including actress Park So Dam, who came to talk about their crafts.

the medici 2016

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