Block B’s Zico Hints At Dating News And Apologizes To Fans

After the news of his relationship with AOA’s Seolhyun was released, Block B’s Zico subtly mentioned Dispatch and apologized to fans during the “2016 Nike Unlimited Korea” event.

During his performance, Zico mentioned the day the news broke out, saying, “Ah, there’s that one memory that I can’t forget. The day my car, my house, and my personal life got revealed to everyone.”

The rapper also apologized to his fans, saying, “First things first, to all the fans who felt disappointed, I’m sorry. But just know that you being number one hasn’t changed.” Zico revealed that his number one priority is the fans, and apologized for not being the first one to tell the fans about his relationship.

“There are things that are more important than my personal life,” he continued. Zico began to talk about the problems of society, saying, “You guys are the masters of this nation.”

Zico called out netizens who leave malicious comments, saying, “You should know, too many malicious netizens, I received [malicious comments] for five years. Insulting my character, cursing my parents, sexual harassment. [You talk big now but] you wouldn’t be able to say anything when charges are filed against you.”

Watch a clip of Zico below!

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