Park Hae Jin Reveals Oh Yeon Seo Will Play Hong Seol In “Cheese In The Trap” Film

Park Hae Jin, who is playing the male lead role in the upcoming “Cheese in the Trap” film, has revealed the identity of his co-star!

On August 28, Park Hae Jin announced at a press conference that Oh Yeon Seo will be taking on the role of Hong Seol, saying he is excited to work with her. Park Hae Jin is reprising his role of Yoo Jung, which he played in the 2016 drama remake of the popular webtoon.

Park Hae Jin told press, “I’m glad that someone has been cast who is a good match for the role of Hong Seol.” He added, “Of course Kim Go Eun did such a great job, but I wonder if Oh Yeon Seo might create a version of Hong Seol that is all her own and different from the one in the drama.”

The film previously held open auditions in China and Korea for the role, but was not able to find anyone suitable.

Park Hae Jin also shared that the production team is aiming to release the “Cheese in the Trap” film next year, with filming starting at the end of February. The first draft of the script is currently being edited, and a director has yet to be chosen.

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