BTS’s Jin Assures Fans He’s Alright After Injury At “Idol Star Athletics Championships”

BTS member Jin (real name Kim Seokjin) has taken to the members’ official Twitter to let fans know that he’s doing okay despite his injury during the August 29 filming for MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships.”

Jin sustained an injury during a futsal match when he was accidentally elbowed in the face by a player on the opposing team. Fans at the shoot reported that Jin’s nose was bleeding afterwards. He was unable to continue playing, and was taken back to their dorms to rest.

In the evening on August 29, Jin tweeted a selfie of himself with the text “Listen to me, Army. I’m alright.” Jin fans recently adopted the phrase “Listen to me, Seokjin” as a meme after an international fan tweeted to Jin in imperfect Korean using the phrase. After Jin noticed and tweeted to ask what it was on August 28, “Listen to me, Seokjin” became the second highest trending topic on Twitter in Korea that evening.

Jin tweeted soon after, “I was all ready with the army bombs [BTS light sticks]… But the other kids played with you, rightㅠㅠ?”.

“Seokjin, get well soon” is now a trending topic on Twitter in Korea.