Former Jewelry Member Lee Ji Hyun Announces Divorce

Former Jewelry member Lee Ji Hyun has announced her divorce from her husband of three years.

On August 29, the Suwon District court revealed that Lee Ji Hyun and her husband, Mr. Kim, finished their third round of mediations on August 25.

The couple applied for a divorce at the same court in March but were unable to come to an agreement. They received advice from the court as to mediation and have finally settled their affairs.

A source from Lee Ji Hyun’s side has stated that the couple will be getting divorced with no alimony or property division except for child support. Lee Ji Hyun appears to have been designated the primary caregiver of their two children.

Lee Ji Hyun posted a few pictures with herself and her two children on social media shortly after the announcement. In one post, she only alludes to the announcement and expresses her love for her children.

Her other post is more explicit, saying, “I’m writing this because many people have expressed their concerns. My children’s father and I are no longer together, but we will work hard to become good parents to them in future. I am surrounded by many supportive people who have helped me during a difficult time, and I’m thankful to everyone who wrote cheerful messages to me on social media. On nights when it becomes difficult, I will read those comments and take heart. I want to say to those who cheered me on even though they might be suffering even more than myself… good things and bad things all pass with time.”

Lee Ji Hyun debuted in 1998 as part of the girl group Circle before joining Jewelry in 2001. She left the group in 2006 to become an actress and got married in 2013.

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