2PM Prepares Special Event For Fans To Celebrate Their 8th Anniversary

On August 30, the 2PM members arrived at Gimpo airport in order to leave for Japan. But before leaving, they waved special signs expressing their thankfulness towards the fans for their eighth anniversary.

Each of the members held signs that collectively communicated, “2PM ♥ Hottest, thank you for the eighth anniversary, let’s be like this forever, promise!!”

2PM is traveling to Japan in order to perform for the “2016 JYP Nation Concert Mix & Match.” As the group debuted on September 4, which is also one of the concert dates, 2PM will not be able to celebrate the day of their eighth anniversary with Korean fans. So the 2PM members held a special event for the fans before leaving for Japan.

2PM debuted on September 4, 2008 with the song “10 out of 10.”

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