Song Triplets Go On A Subway Adventure And Look Handsome Waiting For Choo Sarang In Instagram Photos

Song Il Gook has updated us on the lives of his beloved triplets with two cute photos!

On August 30, Song Il Gook posted a picture to his Instagram of Daehan, Minguk, and Manse all ready for adventure in their matching outfits, complete with red helmets, as they sit on a bench in the subway.

Song Il Gook writes as the caption, “Mini firefighters who took the subway with dad for the first time in a while.”

About an hour later, he shared a photo of the boys looking a bit dressed up outside of a restaurant. Song Il Gook writes, “A photo taken yesterday at a Korean restaurant to commemorate the moment while we were waiting for Sarang noona.”

어제 한식당에서 사랑이 누나 기다리며 기념사진~^^

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The Song triplets and Choo Sarang got to know each other while they were both appearing on the KBS show “The Return of Superman.” We hope they had a great time together yesterday!