MAMAMOO Turns Sub-Unit Song Releases Into Competition, Determines Penalty For Losing Team

MAMAMOO is releasing two new songs at noon KST on August 31, and they’re going to compete to see which track gets the highest ranking on the charts!

Wheein and Solar have teamed up as the “Angel line” to release the song “Angel,” while Moonbyul and Hwasa are releasing the song “Dab Dab” as the “Rapper Line.” Both songs were previously performed for the first time at the group’s first ever solo concert “Moosical” earlier this month.

On August 30, the four members took to V app to hold a live broadcast, where they announced their plans for the competition over the tracks. Solar says, “There haven’t been many cases where the same group is releasing different singles by sub-units at the same time. So we’re going to play a game.”

“Our chart rankings can’t be exactly the same, we can’t both get first place after all. I wonder if we should have the track with the lower ranking do a penalty,” she says, and asks fans to send in their recommendations for a good penalty.

Fans suggest things such as dying their hair green or submerging themselves in water, and after discussing it, the group decides on “eating an entire dish of spicy ton katsu.” Hwasa worries that it will cause their intestines to burst, but Solar just replies, “If you’re worried, just get first place!”

Hwasa then jokes, “But what do we do if neither of the songs even makes it on the charts?”

Are you excited for release of MAMAMOO’s sub-unit tracks?

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