Happy 7th Anniversary To f(x): A Look Back At K-Pop’s Most Experimental Girl Group

Happy 7th anniversary to f(x)! Having debuted on September 5, 2009, the group has come a long way since the days when they were seen as a little sister group to Girls’ Generation. MeU’s who have been with f(x) from their debut can attest to how much each girl has matured, and how much the group as an entirety has become established, in both unique music style and color. To celebrate, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane with our ladies who have had quite the journey!


Here, we have fetus f(x) preparing for their debut, still as SM trainees, but really rocking the practice room with their moves. Around the time they debuted, both Krystal and Sulli were only 15 years old, meaning that they were probably a bit younger at the time of this video.

More offbeat than cutesy, f(x) made waves as the next SM girl group to debut after the widely popular Girls’ Generation. Their debut stage with “La Cha Ta” was the first step of many to establishing a uniquely f(x) style of music, with its trademark funky beat and addictive melody.

*TEARS* after their debut stage! A sign of their happiness at finally realizing a long-held dream. Not many people their age can say they relentlessly pursued and then achieved their goals, but f(x) can!

One year after their debut, we were treated to more f(x) songs, including “NU ABO” and “Chu.” I would say it’s worth checking out these performances, not only for the professional quality, but because you can just feel the happiness and excitement they feel from getting to perform onstage. Seriously, their energy can be felt through the screen.

I also can’t leave out the *BEST PERFORMANCE* that showcases their professionalism. It’s raining buckets and the girls not only make it through – they actually have loads of fun! Check it out.

Two years later, f(x) came back with their first full-length album, and a hit song, “Pinocchio (Danger),” which dominated the charts and got them their very first music show win. Obviously, it was totally emotional for everyone involved.

And then they won the triple crown (a total of eight music show wins)! Check out the most adorable group huddle and freakout session onstage!

Their next comeback was with another crowd favorite and chart-topper, “Electric Shock.” It made waves all the way to the U.S., where f(x) collaborated with actress Anna Kendrick in a comedy sketch.

f(x)’s next two comebacks, first with “Rum Pum Pum,” and then with “Red Light,” marked their venture into a more established sound and an overall more consolidated group brand.

Although Sulli left the group last year in order to pursue other dreams, the remaining four members released a fourth full studio album, “4 Walls,” and a title song with that same name. FINALLY, around this time, f(x) fans all around the world were given a united name: MeU. And FINALLY, f(x) had their first-ever solo concert in Seoul!

MeU’s who have followed them since they were fetus f(x) can only smile through tears at how much they’ve grown through the years.

From the many tears shed over the years:



To all the times they were just their true, goofy selves, which only made MeU’s everywhere fall more in love with them:

f(x) 4

And all the ways they show love to each other:

f(x) 5

f(x) 6


Cheers to seven years and counting with f(x)!

f(x) 2


sophfly has been a loyal MeU throughout the years and hopes that f(x) will continue to be f(x) so long as they are happy doing so.