Kim So Hyun Has Zero Guy Friends Her Age?

During an interview on August 30, actress Kim So Hyun talks about her friend circle.

“I don’t have a single guy friend,” she reveals. “I don’t even have contact info. Although I graduated from a co-ed middle school, it’s been hard for me to befriend guys.”

Kim So Hyun continues, “In elementary school, all I remember is fighting with boys. Through my work, I’ve ended up meeting oppas more often. As a result, I know how to approach oppas, but I continue to have no friends [that are guys].”

“I have the smallest age gap with Yeo Jin Goo oppa out of the oppas I’ve worked with thus far. But I don’t have Yeo Jin Goo oppa’s number either,” she says.

Meanwhile, Kim So Hyun’s latest drama “Bring It On, Ghost” aired its last episode on August 30.

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