HyunA Bonds And Shares Her Wisdom With CLC’s Seungyeon

HyunA opens up about hardships she faced when she debuted under 4Minute.

On the third episode of MBC Every1’s “HyunA’s X19,” which aired on August 30, the singer pays a visit to the zoo with her junior and labelmate, Seungyeon of CLC.

While the two spend some quality time together over lunch, HyunA jokes, “I tried really hard to look young, with these heart-shaped buttons and this skirt. I was concerned I might seem too much like an older sister to get close with you.”


She then shares, “One of the reasons why I want to look after CLC is that I was in our agency’s first group. I had no sunbaes to lead me. I had to learn how to have fun and relieve stress by myself, and had no example to follow in the company. Learning that by myself took me five years.”

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