STELLAR Opens Up About Being Viewed As Racy Girl Group

Girl group STELLAR reveals new insight into their time in the industry and their image as a sexy girl group in a long interview with bnt.

For their pictorial, they had two concepts. The first was a concept that might seem a bit unfamiliar with them, a simple sporty look with long sweatshirts. For the second concept they wear alluring black outfits that show off their figure.

The members of the group cheerfully did the photo shoot and when asked how they’ve been doing, they happily mentioned their first solo concert as well as their overseas promotions.


When asked to compare their previous album with their current one, they said, “The previous album was a fresh feeling while for this one, we tried really hard to appeal to our femininity and our sexiness. We’ve gained a lot more fans and at our fan signings, we’ve noticed a lot more foreign fans as well.”

They also share about their feelings as they prepared for their album, revealing, “Since we’re from a small agency, we always worried if this album would be our last if it didn’t go well. However, since this album did well, our CEO became stronger in his convictions for us.”

When asked about the concept for their next album, they said, “We want a song that expresses a deep love. We were so disappointed when our song ‘Vibrato’ didn’t do well. We want our next song to be like that. ‘Vibrato’ didn’t have a fast beat but the more you listen to it, the more fun it is. We want to release a album before the weather changes to become more cold.”

They also shared about the busy schedule as they promote their songs, to which they replied, “These days, the promotional periods for idols has become short and so if you rest for too long, you’re quickly forgotten. You actually get more depressed if you rest for too long. It’s better to live life busily.”

They reveal how they keep up with their health, saying, “We eat a lot of vitamins and fruits and also get intravenous vitamins. When we’re promoting, we can’t exercise frequently but we also can’t eat dinner well, so we do lose weight.”


When asked about their individual personalities, they share, “Gayoung is quiet and calm and very introverted. Minhee is very talkative and expresses herself very well and isn’t very feminine. When Minhee is feeling down, the entire team feels down and when she’s happy, it cheers up the entire team. Jeonyul is really good on variety shows and you never know what she’s going to say so you have to keep an eye on her. Minhee is the most talented on the stage and Hyoeun has a lot of female fans.”


They also take some time to talk about the member changes in their group, saying, “It was after the first album that Hyoeun and Minhee joined the team but their personalities matched so well with us that we didn’t even notice any changes. We found out that the new members would be joining us during our photo shoot for the album jacket. Gayoung and Minhee have known each other since middle school, so they were close friends for over 10 years.”


They open up more about their longevity in the industry, stating that, “The resting time in between promotional activities is the most difficult. We wait for a song and begin to yearn for the stage. We did feel a lot of pressure to do a sexy concept after ‘Marionette.’ If we try to do another concept, it gets overlooked. There isn’t much response to other concepts. We feel sad that the public only views us as being a racy girl group.”

STELLAR does have an advantage over many other girl groups in the industry, as they confess that although they do not have a dating ban placed on them by their agency, the problem lies in that they do not have any guys around them!

They then reveal that the variety show they want to go on the most is “Ask Us Anything,” saying that they want to trade jokes and get along with Kim Heechul.

Let’s hope we can see them on the show soon!

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