BTS’s Jungkook Talks About His Birthday, Special Dreams, And More

BTS’s golden maknae Jungkook becomes 20 (Korean age) today!

Focus News released their interview with Jungkook regarding his birthday and more.

After being asked about his birthday plans, the member answered, “After debuting I remember always working on my birthdays. Won’t I also be working this year?!”

He showed his thoughtful side as he talks about how birthdays are meant as days to be thankful to one’s parents.

Despite becoming a year older, Jungkook revealed that he still feels young and there’s a lot he wants to do. Thus he expressed his wishes for time to pass faster. Furthermore, he said that he’s most looking forward to becoming 24 years old and commented, “I am very curious about what I’ll be doing at that age.”

The interviewer also asked about his mother’s taemong (conception dream). Jungkook answered, “Rain started to fall in a village but the places that got touched by the raindrops spread into gold.”

Jungkook also revealed his most memorable birthday as the one where he got pranked while filming a music video. He confessed, “My frustration exploded because of the prank. It’s still a memorable event.” You can watch the video below!

After being asked about a special birthday gift, he stated that all of his gifts from fans are special and explained, “I think [presents] contain one’s feelings so they are all individually special and precious.” Then the interviewer asked him what presents he would like to receive in the future to which he responded, “I want to gift music to myself. Someday I want to make a song myself and gift it to myself.”

In regards to what he thinks he will be like on his birthday 10 years from now, Jungkook said, “I don’t think much will have changed, but don’t you think I will be a bit more mature on that birthday?”

Lastly, the interviewer asked who he would like to thank for his birthday. Jungkook replied, “My parents of course. I think I have to tell my parents that I’m thankful over all other people. Mom, dad, I love you.”

Happy birthday Jungkook!

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