EXO’s Lay Praised For His Emotional Acting In “The Mystic Nine”

EXO’s Lay proves he’s truly multi-talented with his latest role as Er Yue Hong in the Chinese drama, “The Mystic Nine” (also known as “Old Nine Gates”).

According to one Chinese media source on August 31, viewers have been widely praising the singer for his ability to act out complex, delicate changes in his emotions. One of the main protagonists, his character Er Yue Hong is a traditional Chinese opera singer by day, and a tomb robber by night.

In one of the more recent episodes, Lay’s acting shines in one particular scene where Er Yue Hong is reunited with his wife Ya Tou (played by Crystal Yuan) in a dream. While there isn’t much dialogue, Er Yue Hong’s deep love and longing for his wife can still be felt through Lay’s sorrowful gaze. This display of emotion not only showcased the singer’s mature charisma, but also reportedly brought many viewers to tears.

While Lay expressed that he was worried about his emotional acting in a previous interview, he continues to raise viewers’ expectations as he displays a growing talent for acting.

With only eight more episodes until the end, “The Mystic Nine” slowly reaches the climax of Zhang Qi Shan (played by William Chan) and Er Yue Hong’s epic adventure.

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