10 Lovable OST Songs By K-Drama Stars

OST songs can be a force of their own. A K-Drama without a decent OST can fall flat even with big-name actors, while a stellar OST can play a big factor in a drama’s popularity. Some of the most memorable OSTs, though, are made when the stars of the drama themselves take the mic. Vocally, they may not always have the booming impact of Baek Ji Young or Lyn, but these songs sometimes find a warm home in our hearts. This is a list of just such OSTs – songs sung by the cast that add a special flavor to their drama.

Park Bo Young, “Leave” from “Oh My Ghostess

Park Bo Young lent her soothing voice to the OST of “Oh My Ghostess.” It’s a bittersweet song about longing to hold onto memories; it was played during some sweeter moments of the drama. Because she has such a good voice, it’s fairly common for her to sing in the OSTs of her dramas and movies, and every time she does it’s a treasure.

Kim Min Jae, “Star” from “Twenty Again

Kim Min Jae played the son of the main lead of the drama “Twenty Again,” in which he plays a university freshman who attends the same school as his mother. Fans were gifted by an OST song in which Kim Min Jae raps, featuring MAMAMOO’s Solar. It was played often during his own scenes in which he experiences a blooming romance.

Jaejoong, “I’ll Protect You” from “Protect the Boss

Jaejoong finally got a shot at being second lead in a drama! Like many second leads, he had his own bit of disappointment during the midst of “Protect the Boss,” not to mention his OST being used as the main song for the lead couple. Turns out sometimes even the second lead’s OST songs can’t escape their “second-lead syndrome.”

Park Shin Hye, “Pitch Black” from “Flower Boy Next Door

Park Shin Hye is another lead actress who often leads her voice to her dramas’ soundtracks. One of her sweetest was this mellow track from “Flower Boy Next Door.” It was even used as the ending song, perfectly capturing those moments when the show ended with the leads at odds with each other or just as something moving was occurring.

Song Joong Ki, “Really” from “The Innocent Man

Song Joong Ki may get raves for his acting and looks, but did you also know he sang this gorgeous song for his drama “The Innocent Man”? It’s a sad song about lost love and longing, and his mellow voice matches his character’s emotional and heart-gripping journey throughout the show. The song is almost as melodramatic as the drama itself.

Watch the first episode of “The Innocent Man” here:

Seo In Guk & Jung Eun Ji, “All for You” from “Reply 1997

Not only did the largely idol cast of “Reply 1997” defy expectations with their acting skills, two of the drama’s leads went on to sing this adorable OST that was nominated for numerous awards. The feel of the songs captures the emotions of youth and blossoming love just as the young characters of the drama experience their first loves and the ups and downs of becoming an adult. This list wouldn’t be complete without this song.

Kim Sohyun, “Dream” from “Fight Me, Ghost”

Kim So Hyun expresses the desire to be strong for the person she cares about in this touching song for her drama “Fight Me, Ghost.” While her co-lead, 2PM’s Taecyeon, may already be a professional singer, for Kim So Hyun this was a chance to prove her own vocal skills.

Kim Woo Bin, “Picture in my Head” from “Uncontrollably Fond

Did you know Kim Woo Bin sings? I didn’t know he sings. Apparently he does, and he’s not bad either. Kim Woo Bin’s character in “Uncontrollably Fond” is an actor with your typical bad attitude who holds a concert for his fans. It’s the character’s song, but nevertheless a much appreciated addition to the drama’s soundtrack and provides some excellent foreshadowing for the drama.

Jung Il Woo, “Someone Like You” from “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Jung Il Woo is another actor who occasionally lends his voice to the soundtrack of not only dramas, but even his recent Chinese movie. He shows impressive vocal skills in this OST for “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.” It would be nice to hear more OSTs like this from him in the future.

Jung Woo, Yoo Yeon Suk, Son Ho Jun, “Feeling Only You” from “Reply 1994

A big thank you to the music director and producers of the Reply series for giving viewers some truly precious OST songs. This particular song is no exception. Three male leads of “Reply 1994” got together to sing this fun track, and while they may have been awkward housemates in the drama or competing for love, the make a perfect set in the recording studio. This song is definitely a fun way to finish this list.

There are so many precious OST songs and so many dramas. How to not love them all? What are some of your favorite OST songs sung by the cast of the drama? What do you enjoy most about OSTs sung by your favorite actors? Let us know in the comments below!

NOTE: This list is comprised of songs from non-musical dramas and dramas not based around the music industry or characters who are professional singers. However, there are definitely some wonderful OSTs from shows that fit those categories as well, and we hope you check them out and enjoy them too.

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