Kim Ji Min Thinks Kim Jong Kook Is Suspiciously Secretive About His Dating Life?

On the September 2 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Welcome Show,” cast members Lee Seo Jin, Kim Jong Kook, and Noh Hong Chul have their close friends, actor Ryu Seung Soo, comedienne Kim Ji Min, and television personality Hong Suk Chun (respectively) as guests on the show.

During the show, Kim Ji Min expresses her suspicions about her friend Kim Jong Kook’s dating life, saying, “Kim Jong Kook always says that he’s not close to any female celebrities, but…”

Kim Jong Kook interjects, “I barely have any contact info of female colleagues in my phone.”

Kim Jong kook Kim Ji Min 2

Noh Hong Chul asks Kim Jong Kook, “About how many female colleagues’ phone numbers do you have in your phone?”

Kim Jong Kook says he has about 10 numbers, including his friend Kim Ji Min’s number. However, Kim Ji Min doesn’t quite believe Kim Jong Kook, saying, “The reason why it doesn’t make sense that he only has 10 is because he never puts down his phone.”

Kim Ji Min continues, “He has quite a lot of secrets. Even his close friends, actor Cha Tae Hyun and singer Hong Kyung Min don’t know anything about his dating life. They don’t know any of the girls he dated in the past.”

“They know that Kim Jong Kook dated, but they don’t know who he dated,” Kim Jin Min insists.

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