11 Beautifying Makeup Tutorials By K-Pop Idols

We all know that K-pop idols have makeup artists who make them look awesome during promotions, but what do they do on the days they’re not working? Turns out they’re pretty good at doing makeup themselves! They’ve obviously acquired a lot of skills and techniques from the makeup artists over the years – to the point where some of them can pretty much be makeup artists themselves!

Without further ado, here’s a look at 11 videos of makeup tutorials given by K-pop idols!

Rainbow’s Jisook: Everyday makeup tutorial

With her artistic background, Jisook’s makeup tutorials are particularly addictive to watch. She not only makes applying eyeliner look easy, but the end product looks totally natural. It’s simple but gorgeous. I love her tutorials!

SISTAR’s Bora: Purple makeup

Isn’t Bora adorable? There are not many girls who can pull off purple eyeshadow, but Bora pulls it off like a pro.

Secret’s Jieun: Natural and simple makeup

Jieun loves using as few products as possible to provide a full makeup look.

Sandara Park: Ways to use lip tints

This one is a bit of an older video, but Sandara’s tips on applying lip tints are still just as valid today. She provides three different looks using three different lip tints from Clio.

Jessica: “Did you even put on makeup?!” look

To some, 16 steps might be a lot of steps to get people to ask whether you put on makeup. But if the end result is as beautiful as Jessica’s, we’re on board!

After School’s Nana: “Good girl/bad girl” makeup look

I’m obsessed with these two totally different looks. Doesn’t she pull off both of them so well?!

Jessi: Contouring lesson

I love how embarrassed she is when she’s showing her bare face. Too relatable – and too cute!

Cheetah: Dramatic cat-eye look

Cheetah is a boss. Check out how easily she executes a perfectly winged eye with liquid eyeliner, and the perfect bright red lip too.

SISTAR’s Dasom: Sophisticated makeup tips

For those of you who want a sexy look with minimal makeup, Dasom is here for you!

SISTAR’s Soyou: Skincare/makeup tips

Although this is more of a skincare video, Soyou does give some advice on makeup! I love Soyou, so I had to include her on this list!

Sandara Park: Makeup tips with Ssin

My favorite YouTube makeup artist, Ssin, did an interview with Sandara Park on “Get it Beauty Self.” They both give some really good tips and recommendations.

Soompiers, who are some of your favorite makeup artists? Let us know in the comments below!

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