Individual Sentenced For Breaking Banner Featuring Go Ara

The Seoul Central District Court revealed than an individual (referred to as “A”) has been sentenced four months in jail and a year of probation for breaking a banner stand that features the Seoul Metropolitan Police spokesmodel actor Go Ara.

A has been revealed to be a 37-year-old female who suffers from schizophrenia. A was indicted for damaging a banner stand featuring Go Ara at a police substation in Cheongdam on June 9.

Prior to this incident, A had broken a banner stand featuring Go Ara two days earlier. A also kicked and broke a potted plant next to the police substation’s door. The reason given for her behavior was because she doesn’t like Go Ara.

Previously, A caused a ruckus at a police substation in Samseong in May. Despite officer’s requests for her to leave the premises, she refused to leave for over three hours.

Judge Kim Jong Bok explained, “Due to the defendant repeatedly committing this type of crime, the nature of the crime is not light. However, it is largely due to the defendant’s illness and the damage is not that great.” The judge also took into consideration the fact that A’s family has promised to get A treatment for schizophrenia.

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