“Music Core” Airs Pre-Recorded Goodbye Stage For VIXX’s “Fantasy”

Updated September 3 KST:

It appears as though VIXX’s performance was pre-recorded (prior to the “Idol Star Athletics Championships” filming) due to their scheduled appearance on the Manila special for “Show Champion.” VIXX’s Leo did not go to Manila with the rest of his members and is still recovering.


On September 3, VIXX’s Leo was seen on “Music Core” following his injury at the “Idol Star Athletics Championships.”

VIXX could be seen as a whole group on MBC’s “Music Core” after making changes to their schedule due to Leo’s facial injury.

The group performed their goodbye stage for “Fantasy” on “Music Core.”

Previously, Leo suffered an injury to his nose during a futsal match for “Idol Star Athletics Championships.” Although his agency assured fans that the injury had only caused a bruise, several planned appearances on various music shows were cancelled due to his condition.

You can watch their performance of “Fantasy” below:

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