G-Dragon Shares What It Was Like Meeting Kim Hye Soo In Person

Even BIGBANG’s G-Dragon couldn’t help but be starstruck in front of Kim Hye Soo.

On the September 3 episode of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge,” a private preview showing was held for the show’s blockbuster special, “Muhan Company.”

In addition to the regular cast members, Yang Se Hyung, director Jang Hang Joon, and G-Dragon also attended this day.

During the introduction, Yoo Jae Suk shares a funny incident that happened on set. According to him, when Kim Hye Soo and Lee Je Hoon arrived to film their cameos, somehow none of the “Infinite Challenge” cast members were there, and only G-Dragon was there to welcome them. Feeling apologetic, he remarks, “[G-Dragon] was really like the representative director.”

Thinking back to that time, the idol reveals what meeting Kim Hye Soo for the first time was like. He comments, “She was powerful and intimidating. Even if she didn’t say a lot, you could feel this aura surrounding her,” and makes everyone laugh at his candid commentary.

Watch the whole episode on Viki below!

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