Song Ji Hyo Talks About Ace Image On “Running Man” For NUYOU

Song Ji Ho was recently featured on famous Singaporean fashion magazine “NUYOU,” which is celebrating its 40-year anniversary. After the photoshoot, the actress sat down to talk about her image on “Running Man.”

As the only woman on the team, the actress is known for being the “Ace” on the show. Song Ji Hyo spoke about her image, saying, “I usually get asked about whether or not I’m the type to try and do everything well. While I’m a woman who enjoys competition, I’m not as competitive as I once was.”

The actress continued to speak on her mentality when appearing on the show. “When I’m on ‘Running Man,’ I have this mindset of wanting to have fun rather than aiming to win. Through many interactions with the cast, I want to get to know them on a deeper level. Rather than being very competitive, I’m more of the type to stay in top shape no matter what I do,” she explained.

Song Ji Hyo revealed her reasoning behind her effort, saying, “I want to show my effort to the viewers as well as myself. I want to show everyone that a female member can get a good result without receiving special treatment.”

When asked about her nicknames on the show, she responded, “I think ‘Blank Ji Hyo’ and ‘Bad Ji Hyo’ are both part of my personality. I’m excited to see what other nicknames the viewers will give me in the future.”

Meanwhile, Song Ji Hyo has been cast to star in the upcoming drama “This Week, My Wife is Having an Affair” (tentative title), which is planning to air in October.

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