Jun.K Talks About 2PM Members’ Love Lives On “Hello Counselor”

2PM member and solo artist Jun.K appears on an upcoming episode of KBS’s “Hello Counselor,” where he shares what he knows in regards to 2PM’s love life.

On the show, Jun.K is asked about the 2PM members and how they share their secrets with each other. Jun.K explains that if a member was dating, he would know who they were dating. He is then asked which members are currently in a relationship.

“Because I’ve been doing solo activities lately, I haven’t had the chance to meet up with the members,” Jun.K says. In regards to how many members are dating, he responds, “There were about one or two members dating.” Immediately, MC Jung Chan Woo jokingly makes the concluding statement, saying, “So there are two members.”

Jun.K also talks about how the 2PM members proactively supported his solo debut. His appearance on “Hello Counselor” airs on September 5.

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