Update: SM Releases Information On SHINee’s Onew Regarding Ankle Injury

Update September 5 KST:

On September 5, SM Entertainment released an official update on SHINee’s Onew, who injured his ankle while performing during the “SHINee World V” concert.

A source from SM stated, “It’s true that Onew did sprain his right ankle, but luckily there’s nothing wrong with the bone. After a check up, he was told that if he minimized his movements and got some rest, he would be okay. In order to protect his ankle, he is wearing a small cast, and will be receiving continuous check ups to see how its healing.”

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On September 4, SHINee member Onew was injured during the “SHINee World V” concert.

Onew had lost his balance and fell during the performance of their song “Ready or Not,” injuring his ankle. Afterwards, he stepped down from the stage, but was present for the final song “Everybody.”

After the stage was over, the fans chanted Onew’s name to show their support. In response, Onew reassured the fans, saying, “I’m sorry for making everyone worry.”

Once the concert was over, Onew shared his thoughts, saying, “I was going to show everyone a good image, but my heart must have been too excited. I’m sorry for making a mistake. I will prepare more to show everyone a wonderful stage.”

Meanwhile, SHINee is planning to release a new album sometime in the middle of September.

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