Kim So Hyun Has No Regrets About Giving Up High School

Recently, actress Kim So Hyun sat down for an interview with X Sports News to talk about her choice to forgo high school and focus on her acting career.

Kim So Hyun was born in 1999 and turned 18 (Korean age) this year. After completing middle school, she chose not to attend high school and focus on the acting career she started when she was seven years old.

“I’ve never regretted giving up high school,” she said. “When I attended school, I liked to meet my friends, but it was difficult to balance my acting and my studies at the same time. I couldn’t focus on my schoolwork but still had to attend exams. When I got bad scores, I started feeling ashamed of myself. Thinking of that, I decided I would rather spend the three years I would have spent in high school on acting instead.”

She continued, “Of course, I wasn’t sure about my decision at the time. But luckily I received some good projects afterwards and was able to continue my career. My filming experience also contained something of the school life, so I didn’t feel like there was something missing. And since I don’t film alone, I made memories on set as well.”

However, the actress’s road hasn’t always been easy. “When I was young, my mom had to accompany me and she suffered a lot. This work isn’t easy for mothers to do. It wasn’t easy for child actors back then and my family worried a lot about me, so I thought about giving up. But my mom told me that I should stick it out, having come this far, so thanks to her I’m still working.”

If she hadn’t become an actress, Kim So Hyun shared that she would have liked to be a psychologist. “I like listening to my friends’ concerns and help them heal. I feel proud thinking that I could give someone help. When I went to middle school, I really respected the psychology counselor. They helped me a lot, so if I ever get the chance, I’d like to study psychology.”

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