Honey Lee Reveals Her Surprising Dream Job When She Was A Teenager

Actress Honey Lee confesses she had quite the interesting dream job when she was 13 years old.

On September 4, Honey Lee, Kwon Yool and Kim Seul Gi guested on MBC’s “Section TV” to talk about their upcoming 2-D animated feature “Moonlit Palace.” The movie, which took over a decade to make and required over 70,000 pages of pencil drawings, will premiere on September 7. In the movie, a 13-year-old girl enters a mysterious moonlit world and has the adventure of her life.

When asked about what their dreams were as a 13-year-old, Honey Lee reveals that it was to be a cabbage seller!

She shares, “It was so cool how the cabbage sellers would have a mic and talk and dance. I even asked them how much the original price was and researched the marketplaces too.”

Meanwhile, Kim Seul Gi shared her dream was to be a ballerina and Kwon Yool’s was to be a soccer player.

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