Watch: BTS Surprises With Release Of 1st Part Of “WINGS” Short Film, Starring Jungkook

BTS has surprised fans with the release of a mysterious and unexpected new video!

On September 5 at midnight KST, Big Hit Entertainment shared a video entitled “WINGS Short Film #1 BEGIN” to YouTube, which stars Jungkook and begins with the sound of Rap Monster reading a line of translated prose from the German novel “Demian: The Story of Emil Sinclair’s Youth” by Hermann Hesse.

We see Jungkook wake up from a nightmare, before a caption appears that reads “Because dawn is the darkest before the sun rises.” Jungkook then seems to live out another terrifying dream.

Watch the video below!

Fans are theorizing over whether this may be a lead up to a Korean comeback for the guys, who are currently gearing up for their comeback in Japan with their album “Youth,” or simply just a short film as a gift for fans.

No matter what it is, hopefully we can look forward to more parts featuring the other members too soon!