BTS Fans Puzzle Over Meaning Of New Short Film “WINGS”

After Big Hit Entertainment blew fans away earlier today by releasing part one of a new short film, ARMY has taken on the challenge of figuring out just what’s going on in the film, and how it’s related to the group’s other releases.

On September 5 at midnight KST, BTS shared a video entitled “WINGS Short Film #1 Begin” without a word of warning, typical of the group’s often sudden releases. It’s not clear at this point whether the short film is simply a gift for fans, an epilogue of sorts to the “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life” series, a first glimpse of a concept for an upcoming comeback, or something else entirely.

Also typical of what fans have come to expect of BTS’s videos, the story in the film leaves a lot open to viewer interpretation. Various fan theories are therefore spreading on social media right now, as fans piece together clues from the text Rap Monster is heard reading, the sketches and paintings that are shown in the video, the clothes Jungkook is wearing, and pretty much every second of the clip.

First off, does Jungkook have Dorian Gray-like powers? Or is he an angel of death? Also, what’s the relation to the quote from the novel “Demian” by Hermann Hesse that Rap Monster reads in the beginning? So many questions.

Could “WINGS” be a continuation of BTS’s previous music videos?

Maybe the similarity between a shot of Suga in the group’s “Fire” music video and Jungkook in “WINGS” is more than just a coincidence.

Meanwhile, could we get a ruling on who it is in the painting?

Have we been getting hints at this since “Young Forever”?

And what’s the real meaning behind all this bird imagery?

Fans also have lots of theories about the title. Could it be a link to that mysterious “BOY MEETS WHAT” caption at the end of the music video for “Fire”?

Others are using math as a tool to try to break the code. Maybe “WINGS” is a hint at their comeback date?

Or are the different circles at the end of the video all representing the four elements?

Also, what’s the link with the novel “Demian”?

Some fans have come up with more than one possible theory for what’s going on in the video.

Meanwhile… does even BTS know what’s going on?

What’s your theory about part one of the “WINGS” short film? Share it below!

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