SHINee’s Minho Talks About Recent Stress And Explains Why He Dyed His Hair

At SHINee’s recent concert, member Minho talked about the stress of working as both an actor in the upcoming drama “Hwarang: The Beginning” and a singer at the same time.

On September 4, the hit SM Entertainment boy group held the third night of their fifth solo concert series in Seoul. During the show, Minho said, “My schedule for ‘Hwarang’ and the concert rehearsal overlapped, so at the last minute I was preparing for both at the same time. There were a lot of difficult things during practice, and I was under a lot of stress, but when we did the first show, I felt like I had a weight lifted off my shoulders.”

He went on to say, “All off my stress has flown away after seeing all of your faces.”

He also said at the show, “My mother asked me why I don’t dye my hair, and so as soon as I finished filming my historical drama, I dyed it. I didn’t know that it was so hard to dye your hair like this!”

Meanwhile, Korean fans have pointed out that this seems to be the first time that Minho has dyed his hair such a different color, with one post claiming that he’s only had a non-brown hair color (which was a dark shade of blonde and hardly this extreme) for about a week before.

SHINee has now wrapped up their latest concert series, and is gearing up for a comeback this fall.

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