A Pink’s Chorong Is Innocent And Dreamy For Comeback Teasers

More comeback teasers for A Pink have been released, starting with member Chorong!

A Pink dropped their first teaser image on September 2, with a black and white image. The latest teaser photos were released on September 5, and depict Chorong in different themes. The first teaser photo reveals Chorong dressed in pastel colors and lace, while the other photo reveals a more bold, dreamlike imagery.


A Pink’s agency Plan A Entertainment talked about their comeback, saying, “After a year and two months, A Pink is making a comeback with their third album, which will reveal the group’s growth and maturity. The members have proactively participated in the songwriting as well as coming up with the concept. Starting with Chorong, we will consecutively reveal teasers of each member to slowly unveil the new album’s concept.”

A Pink plans to make their comeback on September 26.

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