Netizen Apologizes For Posting Illegal Photo Of Kai And Krystal On A Date

After illegally posting a photo from CCTV footage of EXO’s Kai and f(x)’s Krystal on a date at a cafe, the offending netizen has apologized via SNS, after being tracked down by Kai’s fans.

The netizen said on Twitter on September 4, “I’m writing to apologize to Kai and his fans who must have been hurt seeing the CCTV screen capture of Kai’s private life that I illegally released.

“Posting the photo of Kai was a malicious violation of laws protecting personal information, and I damaged his reputation. I feel very apologetic toward Kai.

“I posted [the photo], and I knew it would get spread a lot. I’m so embarrassed and ashamed. I posted through Twitter because I thought I wouldn’t be caught, but I was too complacent. I now know how wrong it is to spread things on Twitter.

“Seeing how much the photo of Kai and Krystal had spread, I suddenly became scared and deleted the tweet and the account. I got scared seeing that Kai’s fans were looking for my account info and debated whether I should turn myself in.” Closing, the netizen said, “I’ll gladly accept any criticism and punishment.”

The group of Kai’s fans that tracked the offending netizen said they will be proceeding with legal action after consulting with a lawyer, and thanked everyone for their help in finding the netizen.

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