“W” Comments On Nerve-Wracking Preview For Coming Episode

“W” has, once again, left us in shock after the unpredictable developments of the latest episode.

Episode 13 spoilers lee jong suk w e14 preview

At the end of episode 13, which aired last week on September 1, Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) is shot by the villain (Kim Ui Sung) after being kidnapped, and in the following shootout between Kang Cheol (Lee Jong Suk) and the villain, the villain dies. Oh Yeon Joo is taken to the hospital, but remains in an unconscious state.

Although the preview for episode 14 shows the return of Oh Sung Moo (Kim Ui Sung) and his face, Oh Yeon Joo’s status is still uncertain, and when Oh Sung Moo asks Kang Cheol about her at the end of the preview, Kang Cheol says, “She’s dead.”

With what looks like a sad ending for Kang Cheol and Oh Yeon Joo for now, viewers have been left on the edges of their seats, wondering how the last three episodes of “W” will resolve the plot.

The “W” production staff said, “With the preview of Yeon Joo’s death, ‘W’ will be introduced with a new variable. Please look forward to Yeon Joo’s future in the drama.”

Watch the first episode of “W” here:

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