Park Bo Gum And Ra Mi Ran Voted As #1 Celebrities To Best Treat In-Laws

A marriage information company recently conducted a poll with 481 single individuals (220 males, 261 females) who answered the question “Which celebrity do you think is the type to treat their in-laws well during Chuseok?”

Based on the preference surveys, Ra Mi Ran placed first among the female celebrities with 31 percent, while Park Bo Gum was first place out of the male celebrities with 28 percent.

Male stars that followed were Son Ho Joon (25 percent), Jo In Sung (18 percent), Heo Kyung Hwan (15 percent), Yoon Kye Sang (10 percent), and Park Hae Jin (2 percent).

Female stars that followed were Kim Sook (29 percent), Oh Nami (21 percent), Han Chae Ah (10 percent), Jang Yoon Jung (5 percent), and Lee Bo Young (2 percent).

In response to the results, a source from the marriage information company commented, “With the standard being treating your in-laws well, most people choose cute and humorous celebrities, which was reflected in the results of this survey.”

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