Spottoon’s “Imitation” Now Available To Read On Soompi!

Are you suffering from post-drama depression and missing the webtoon world of “W” now that the drama is over? Fear not, Soompiers! Starting today, you’ll be able to get your webtoon fix thanks to Spottoon, a webtoon platform that will make several of its hit titles available for you to read directly on Soompi over the next several weeks!

First up is “Imitation,” a webtoon that is sure to pique the interest of K-pop fans, or anyone looking for a good romance story! Read on to get a sneak peek at what “Imitation” is all about:


Maha Lee is a member of Tea Party, a new girl group still trying to break into the big leagues of the pop music industry. Maha gains attention for resembling La Lima, a top solo artist. Because of this “imitation,” Ryoc, a member of a popular boy band called SHAX, hates Maha and treats her coldly. However, as they continue to cross paths, Ryoc’s feelings towards Maha begin to change, leading to an unexpectedly sweet romance that they must hide from everyone around them.

Main Characters


Maha is a rookie idol in the girl group Tea Party. She has a bright personality and is eager to make it big in the pop industry. She always tries her best, even when others try to intimidate her or put her down.


Ryoc is the main dancer and choreographer of a popular boy group called SHAX. After leading his group to the top of the charts even after a scandal threatened to disband them, Ryoc hates it when people try to achieve fame in the pop industry without any talent or hard work.


Yujin is a member of an up-and-coming boy group called Sparkling. He has a sweet personality and is good friends with Maha, so he always supports her and looks out for her.


La Lima is a famous solo artist. She is gorgeous, talented, and popular — and she knows it very well. She can be ruthless and intimidating, especially to those who might stand in her way.

“Imitation” will be available to read directly on Soompi from September 26 through October 9 KST. You can also read “Imitation” and tons of other great webtoons on Spottoon’s website!

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