Yang Jung Won Addresses Speculations About Relationship With BIGBANG’s Seungri

On the September 6 episode of MBC Every1 program “Video Star,” fitness instructor and rookie actress Yang Jung Won appears for the show’s “Hot Body Special.”

During the show, the MCs ask Yang Jung Won about her relationship with BIGBANG member Seungri, whom she is known to be close with.

“I heard that [Seungri] gives those difficult-to-get BIGBANG tickets to Yang Jung Won and even paid for her mother’s tab at a restaurant before. How did you get to know Seungri?” the MCs asks.

“For a while now, we’ve had a close nuna-dongseng relationship,” Yang Jung Won says. “I went out to eat [with my mom] and coincidentally ran into [Seungri]. We ate separately, and when we were finished, we discovered that without saying anything, Seungri had paid for the tab and left.”

Yang Jung Won

“For the concert tickets too, even though I don’t tell [Seungri] I want to go, he says to me, ‘If you want to come watch, I’ll get them for you,'” Yang Jung Won reveals.

The MCs speculate whether Yang Jung Won’s relationship with Seungri is truly just a nuna-dongseng relationship, but she insists their relationship is completely platonic. “There’s nothing like that. He knows everything about my dating life, and I know everything about his, so there’s nothing between us,” Yang Jung Won says.

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