Jessi Confidently Retorts Against Hateful Comments About Plastic Surgery

Jessi recently participated in the “Show Me the Swag” special of KBS2’s “Happy Together,” where she addressed hateful comments she gets about work she has done under the knife.

Jessi 2

The rapper admits, “Because I am also human, I end up reading negative comments as well. Most of the hate comments talk about how I had plastic surgery on my breasts.”

Unashamed, Jessi confidently retorts, “I had [surgery] done with my own money, so why do I have to hide it? There’s a lot of people who hide the fact after they get [plastic] surgery. I think that’s more laughable. Can’t you just say you’ve done it if you have?”

The other guests and MCs are taken aback by her refreshingly truthful response, and Jun Hyun Moo reveals, “I didn’t know.” In response, Jessi nonchalantly asks, “Then, do these breasts seem real to you?,” and makes everyone laugh at her unaffected attitude.

This episode of “Happy Together” will air on September 9, at 11:10 p.m. KST.

What are your thoughts on Jessi’s candid response?

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