Song Mino’s Upcoming MV Was So Racy Before Final Editing That It Made Yang Hyun Suk Laugh

With less than a couple hours left until the release of WINNER member Song Mino’s solo debut track “BODY,” news outlet Star News has reported that the song’s music video had to be edited to make it a bit less racy.

A high-ranking staff member at YG Entertainment told Star News on September 7, “Song Mino’s music video for ‘BODY’ was filmed twice. The results of the first completed video were not satisfactory, so the 100 percent completed video was discarded and it was filmed again.”

They go on to share, “Before the music video for ‘BODY’ was filmed again, Yang Hyun Suk told Song Mino and the crew, ‘The song itself is very sexy, but that didn’t come out properly in the first filming, so this time it would be good if it was filmed in a more sexy way.'”

“However, that time, Song Mino went overboard with the sexiness and the music video was too racy, to the point that it made Yang Hyun Suk laugh,” they add.

Song Mino’s track “BODY” will be released on September 8 at midnight KST. The version that is set to be released at midnight will be an edited version, and the representative says there are plans to release the “original director’s cut” as an R-rated version later on.

Are you excited to see Song Mino’s solo debut music video?

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