Fortune Teller Looks Into G-Dragon’s Future Love Life And Wealth

On a live broadcast via Naver that aired on September 7, BIGBANG’s leader G-Dragon gets his fortune read by a fortune teller.

While on the show, the fortune teller looks into G-Dragon’s future love life and success, saying, “You will have a wife that is like a child. She will be a cute and lovable woman. You have by birth the propensity to be a doting husband.”

G-Dragon responds, laughing, “Well I am good to women.”

The fortune teller also looks into G-Dragon’s financial success in the remainder of 2016, “From September to December, your fortune is extremely good. Your wealth will cumulate like a mountain.”

“I could afford for the wealth to stop coming in,” G-Dragon says humorously.


G-Dragon also asks for his fortune for 2017, and the fortune teller replies, “Avoid anyone with the last name Lee,” leading G-Dragon to immediately think of fellow BIGBANG member Seungri.

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