miss A’s Min Cast In Upcoming Movie Under Real Name

The upcoming movie “Suni” (tentative title) has announced that it has cast actors Kim In Kwon, Lee Chae Eun, Choi Ri, Jung Gyeo Woon, Lee Min Young (miss A’s Min), Ji Soo Won, and Lee Mi Do.

kim in kwon jung gyeo woon lee min young lee chae eun

“Suni” is about a detective who is investigating serial murders in a small village and meets a girl named Suni, who becomes a strong suspect in the case. The movie will be a horror film about the revenge of a victim of child abuse, and the script is said to have drawn inspiration from real-life child abuse cases.

Kim In Kwon will play the investigator, Baek Dong Po, while child actress Lee Chae Eun has been cast as Suni. Choi Ri will play Suni’s kind older sister, who tries her hardest to protect her younger sibling.

Ji Soo Won will play Suni’s abusive stepmother and Min has been cast as her accomplice and biological daughter (Suni’s stepsister). Min has previously appeared in the 2011 film “Countdown.” Jung Gyeo Woon will play a junior detective under Kim In Kwon’s character.

Finally, Lee Mi Do will play the role of a shaman or psychic, who knows all the secrets of the little village.

The movie is expected to air sometime next summer.

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