YG Entertainment Wins Civil Suit Against Entertainment Reporter For Defamation

YG Entertainment has emerged victorious in its civil suit against an entertainment reporter (hereafter referred to as “K”), whom the agency claimed made reports spreading false information about the agency’s artists and staff.

In addition to reports in online news and the sports magazine for which K works, K continuously had slandered YG artists on social networking sites. The Seoul Western District Court acknowledged that K’s report about YG being involved in a drug scandal was false and defaming, and ordered K to compensate the offended parties at 5 million won (approximately $4,600) each, for a total of 10 million won.

K was also found guilty for making false reports about another agency’s artist — allegedly drunk driving — and was ordered to compensate the plaintiff in the amount of 7 million won (approximately $6,400).

Regarding YG’s complaint against K for spreading false information about YG staff, the court ordered compensation of 10 million won (approximately $9100) and reconciliation, after which the YG staff member revealed lack of intent to reconcile.

YG’s criminal suit against K for obstruction of business has been appealed, and is currently under investigation.

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