BLACKPINK Wins “M!Countdown” With “Whistle,” Comeback Performances By Red Velvet

BLACKPINK has grabbed its first “M!Countdown” win with “Whistle,” despite not having any physical sales or performances. This is the second win for “Whistle” so far.

Performers for the show include Spica, UP10TION, NU:EST, Homme, 24K, Han Dong Geun, NCT DREAM, LABOUM, VIXX, HALO, and more.

Especially of note is the return of Red Velvet, who performed “Russian Roulette” and “Lucky Girl” in a double comeback stage, after the release of their third mini album on September 7.

This week was also the last week for MC Lee Jung Shin on the show. He said, “I experienced a lot over a year and a half. Thank you to Key, who really supported me.”

Watch the “M!Countdown” performances below.

Winner announcement

Red Velvet – “Russian Roulette”

Red Velvet – “Lucky Girl”


Spica – “Secret Time”

Homme – “Dilemma”

VIXX – “Fantasy”

NU:EST – “Love Paint”

UP10TION – “Tonight”

Real Girls Project – “Dream”

Laboum – “Shooting Love”

NCT DREAM – “Chewing Gum”

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