BTS’s Comeback Reportedly Planned For October, Working With Producer And Composer Philtre

According to news outlet Donga, producer and composer Philtre is working with BTS on their much-anticipated second full album.

Philtre is a music producer as well as a member of the band Planet Shiver, and recently appeared on the JTBC show “Sugar Man” as a producer in several episodes. He was the producer behind many well-received rearrangements on the show, such as Crush and Loco’s cover of “Perhaps That,” Dynamic Duo’s cover of “Only For You,” SHINee member Jonghyun’s cover of “Only The Words I Love You,” and Red Velvet’s “What I Wanted From You.”

He also arranged the longrunning chart-topper “A Little Girl” by Oh Hyuk from the “Reply 1988” OST.

Donga reports that Philtre will be participating in the creation of BTS’s new album “WINGS” as a composer.

The news outlet also reports that the group is currently in the final stages of creating the album, with the goal of releasing it in October.

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