Watch: BTS’s J-Hope Breaks Out The Dance Moves In New Ad For PUMA

In the latest issue of PUMA’s Blaze of Glory (BOG) Sock sneaker campaign, BTS member J-Hope gives Jin a lesson on what real dancing looks like.

The video starts off with J-Hope looking unsatisfied as he wags his finger and says, “No no, that’s not how you dance. You have to put soul in it!”

Letting out a sigh, J-Hope says, “I’ll just show it to you” and breaks out some killer freestyle dance moves for Jin.

At the end of his dance, he looks at Jin and asks, “Do you get it now?”

Jin sits in his chair silently, blinking in amazement.


BTS members Suga and Jungkook previously starred in the first ad for BTS’s collaboration with PUMA, which you can watch below.